Stepping up to the plate!

There has been a new awareness in Newburyport on the importance of heritage tourism, our city’s place in history and the realization that our architecture, waterfront and our natural beauty are all important factors in our economic well-being.

1812baI am so pleased that Newburyport Five is stepping up its game to actively promote Newburyport.      They just came out with a brochure announcing that the Custom House will have “free admission” while the HMS Bounty is on our waterfront.       What better way to pave the way for locals and visitors to learn the important ways that Newburyport contributed to the War of 1812.       Those who visit will learn about our privateers, the Coast Guard revenue cutters turned into war ships, Fort Phillips and something unique to our City, The Seafencibles.   

Plus, a state-of-the-art touch screen that provides anything you want to know about the War but didn’t even know to ask!

All this possible by the Bank underwriting the admission.

Bravo the Five!*

-P. Preservationist

* This must burn the dark siders imbedded in the Bank’s trustees!

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