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Damn Inconvenient & Damn Confusing Too!

I’m talking about the Colby Farm Property that lies at the intersection of Crow Lane and Low Street.    I was thinking ‘darn inconvenient’ but let’s face it – it doesn’t have the force of frustration that ‘damn’ relays.        It’s been … Continue reading

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Why all that wasted time and energy!?!

The way it has worked for decades in Newburyport, City Hall employees get to take time out from their jobs to attend seminars and workgroups.       They get a tasty lunch, paperwork on how things are done properly per the regulations in Massachusetts; … Continue reading

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Stop the Shabbiness!

In the tourist industry as in any commercial venture; you’ve got competition – and it can get pretty intense.       To compete, you’ve got to have a great allure, but you’ve also dedicate to marketing and promoting.       And then,when you’ve finally … Continue reading

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Too much going on!

I took a look at this coming weekend and just started sweating! There is just much too happening!   First off, we’ve got the hot happenings at the Custom House honoring the courageous events 70 years ago that occurred on D-Day.   We’ve got 17th … Continue reading

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Pluck those weeds!

Newburyport is being buried right now by a profusion of green.    Thanks to the extremely wet spring and early summer, all plants are going wild.    Unfortunately, i is making our downtown look terrible, it is giving us a shabby look … Continue reading

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What a Treat!

There is so much of Newburyport that is out of reach of the average visitor.       Behind the walls of so many of our historic homes, there are rooms that to see them would result in a gasp of amazement.       Behind … Continue reading

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Sucking the Oxygen out of the 4th

Have you ever wondered why a city who’s very institutions and people factored so heavily in our nation’s independence is basically silent on the 4th?     There is just one word that explains it all. Amesbury Now normally, this sister city … Continue reading

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