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The Perfect Community

So let’s stop the pretense and just do it.       Of course, we’ll save the Downtown area with its Federal buildings and history for the tourists; but the rest of the Newburyport Historic District?     Just level it. Think of the possibilities!      … Continue reading

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We’re in a tough battle.

“My New Year’s resolution is to save Your Old Port from greedy developers, an overabundance of chain stores, and those who would dictate their tastes and wants upon us, leaving no room for healthy debate.    Newburyport remains the home of … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Concentrated Romance

There is nothing that gets people more excited about Newburyport than hearing there are tunnels under the city.        And there is nothing more elusive than the mysterious tunnels when it comes to obtaining concrete information. Frankly, I wish I could … Continue reading

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2014 Master Plan?

I’ve had this feeling for a while that most of the citizens of Newburyport are asleep.     You know that feeling – in a real dream, the inconsistencies, the odd and the just plain wrong seem perfectly correct.       It is only when you … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s Patriot Day

Newburyport has a lot to be proud of when it comes to this momentous day of celebration.       It was here that George Whitefield, leader of the Great Awakening Movement, began his ministry to push the concept of God-given rights, which … Continue reading

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The Cart before the Horse

So while I have been carrying on intellectually trying to explain how our City makes money; apparently Tom Ryan’s term, “Cannibal City” has become more and more an accurate label.       We’re not just devouring the very thing that has made … Continue reading

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So how does Newburyport make money? Part II

At one time, Newburyport was solidly based on industry and servicing the employees of industry.     By 1960, we had shoe factories, hat factories, tanneries,  silversmithing, TV manufacturing and various companies in the automotive, defense and electronics fields.       We also had clamming, farming and fishing … Continue reading

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So how does Newburyport make money? Part I

How do the bills get paid, employees get their paychecks, the schools stay open and the city’s infrastructure maintained?      Now Professor Tontar could explain it to us all, but we simply don’t have the space on this post to fit in … Continue reading

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Hurry out to see these before they’re hidden!

Winter and early spring as noted by Robert Thorson, a New England stone wall preservation advocate, is the best time to observe them.   “Like a negative to a photograph, walls are most visible when life is most invisible.” Being a city, we often forget … Continue reading

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It’s VFA Day – Come Celebrate

150 years ago on the 10th, 1865; the scene at the Appomattox Court House played itself out.     General Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant met face to face for the first time to discuss surrender terms. Friday 150 years … Continue reading

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