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A Crying Shame

I have tried to refrain from delving into the political fray but there is one situation bearing mention.     Someone who has done a great service for the City may end up being hurt because of timing.       Councilor Jones’ political signs … Continue reading

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Witches of Newburyport – The Witch Elizabeth Morse

Since I covered a famous ghost in Newburyport, now it’s time for our famous witch.   Just as Newburyport beat out Boston as the first place to take care of the King’s Tea (We burned it while Boston just dumped … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Newburyport – Charles Street Schoolhouse

For an old city like Newburyport, ghosts should be as intrinsic to our community as the epitaphs that line our cemeteries.        Surprising, these spectral visitors seem to be shrugged off as nuisances as often as not – not to be … Continue reading

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Clipper City Rail Trail Funding Source

I am just not a photographer unlike my wife who does a spectacular job.      I try my best but you can gather from the pictures I add to the editorials below, they are just "fair".   Please check out the Newburyport … Continue reading

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House Stories – the James Frothingham House – 33 Market Street

Here is a case where a preservation easement should have been instituted long ago.     This historic home is now in danger of being savaged without consideration of the city’s historic setting or even a nod to the rich history behind … Continue reading

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Seminar Recap

The Seminar hosted by the Preservation Trust and the Historical Commission called, Greening the Historic Home, was definitely worth attending.     In addition to a lot of information from the speakers, there were hand-out sheets and resources guides.       As versed as … Continue reading

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Last night was just spectacular preceded by a spectacular day.        I was thoroughly enjoying the night air as I was out in the area of Turkey Hill Road.       There I was, inside the borders of the City of Newburyport and surrounded by……the ‘burbs.        Sure … Continue reading

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The Bracket Heel Building

I have mixed feelings about the proposed development behind Port Tavern and Taffy’s.       This structure has largely been underutilized and has sat mostly empty for decades.     The area in the back between it and Pleasant Street is depressing.     I dare … Continue reading

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House Stories – Osgood-Rogers House – 83-85 High Street

Edward St. Loe Livermore who lived at 79 High Street gathered together with several upstanding men of the community to start a private school for boys and girls in June 20th, 1807.    These men – Joshua Carter, Daniel Dana, James … Continue reading

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How to Market & Sell Historic Properties, Part II

Let’s face it.    How well the home has been taken care of and how the home is able to fit today’s lifestyle can cast a negative spin when considering an historic home.    Hollywood heavily exaggerated the situation in the movie, … Continue reading

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