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Repairing what’s broken

Awhile back I wrote a blog chronicling two terrible crimes that were committed during the twentieth century.        As I wrote, “ As an ancient seaport, many over the years have created trusts that were committed to the City for a particular … Continue reading

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Killing the Golden Goose

It’s a simple fact – unlike other communities, Newburyport receives a huge amount of tax revenue (86% or more) from its residential neighborhoods.          Normally, this would be disastrous for the typical American city.         For every house in a typical town, … Continue reading

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Tunnels: X marks the spot

In my last post on tunnels; I posed one of the questions I would like to know answered, “How deep are the tunnels?”      Well, I took a GPS to the Oak Hill Cemetery and on the flat top of the … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s Fiscal 2016 Budget Summit, and an extra goody.

The City Council’s Summit on the Fiscal 2016 Budget These last ten days, for the first time in Newburyport’s history (as far as I know), the hearings for the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget were aired ‘live’, they have been broadcast … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Museum of Old Newbury

Following up on my recent blog, ???????????? History????????????????; I wanted to talk about the Historical Society of Old Newbury now recently renamed, The Museum of Old Newbury.      I was a member for a while, until I found out a very … Continue reading

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????????????????? History ???????????????????

Maybe they just didn’t know where to start.      Or, because it looked like a ponderous amount of genealogies and tedious historical statistics; they figured they’d just stab at it.     Somebody had to do it. Or, as is popular in the … Continue reading

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The Daily News – Home of the Dark Siders

Frankly, don’t blame our city reporter.       He’s been given the pro-developer line to champion.       To keep his job, we won’t be seeing in the next year; any favorable comments that speak for taxpayers who are seeing their equity, their property … Continue reading

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