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Myth: Local Historic Districts are an un-American violation of property rights

The myth states that local historic districts cause a loss of property rights.    Local Historic Districts no more infringe on property rights than do many other laws and private rules that Americans have long accepted. Though everyone likes to believe, … Continue reading

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The Preservation Trust has a new website!

Make sure to check out the new site.        After going through the pages, I was ready to pack my bags and head for Newburyport…and I live here!   As much as you can catch the vibrant energy of historic preservationists, … Continue reading

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“The Curse” Revealed

There were three historic cities that were in the ‘toilet’ back in the 60’s & 70’s: Charleston, Newburyport & Portsmouth.     Thanks to the pioneering effort of using historic preservation as a tool, Newburyport was restored and this started a movement … Continue reading

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Degrees of Restoration

Strangely enough, one of the most difficult things for an historic preservationist is to know how far to go in restoration.     The first thing to do in any such project is to sit down with a general contractor or a … Continue reading

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House Stories – 110-112 High Street – Pope-Moseley House

    This multi-family home named after the two most prominent inhabitants though covered by trees still makes the eye want to linger at what history is behind the curious architecture.     If anything, this home speaks without words “History … Continue reading

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The Myth: Preservationists are always fighting new development and only care about the past

There is a great battle of philosophy being waged every day in Newburyport.    It is a constant function of our lives so we don’t see it in the view of great conflicts and emotional war of words, yet it goes … Continue reading

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Black Top is an Evil King

The Department of Public Safety (Our DPW) has been the favorite place to "cut" budgets and personnel by many a mayor.    Better to cut people who actually do physical work to hold our City together than cut Firefighters and Police … Continue reading

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We’re Almost There!

I was very afraid that so much smoke and flames over the Large Wind Turbines would prevent the Planning Board from recommending any amendments to the Wind Energy Ordinance.     One of the original writers of the ordinance started right off … Continue reading

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Being sold a bill of goods

I was all excited about the push for a 40R for land offered by the MBTA.         That was unti I found out the MBTA which is desperate for money is trying to sell to Newburyport, "Florida Swamp Land".   … Continue reading

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March Madness

So much is going on behind the scenes in Newburyport that I am having problems processing it all.      It’s almost like the Wizard of Oz.       A tornado has struck and everything and everyone is whirling around in a dangerous and … Continue reading

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