An Odd Fact

I’ve been walking around the City, in particular, inside the Newburyport Historic District.

In the process of walking up and down the streets, I have noticed a real oddity.       Just about every person who is a leader in historic preservation(and who lives inside the boundaries of the NHD) do not have brick sidewalks in front of their homes.

Now it could be they have the attitude that the City will wake up one day and encourage heritage tourism by arbitrarily replacing the blacktop or concrete with brick.    An attitude of , it’s not their property, it’s the city’s – let them do it kind of attitude.

Or perhaps, they feel the buildings need to be concentrated on since they are the real treasure to be preserved.     I don’t think they realize that all that hard work is being worked against because they have not bothered to upgrade the sidewalk. (An appraiser calculates streetscape and the frontage condition into the property value.)

Or, perhaps even, they went to some generic historic preservation seminars and do not realize the unique history of Newburyport’s sidewalks.       They are busy on the architecture and general concepts.


But they could certainly go a long way to promote one aspect of historic preservation: heritage tourism by doing their part in being an example and promoting Newburyport as a national heritage center.

Check out this list of homes:

0801111010a 0924111753a 0924111756a bill harris  
Greg Earls Harbaugh Sarah White     

-P. Preservationist

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