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Don’t give in to lunacy

Wack Jobs occur in both political extremes and when they are taken seriously, great harm comes to the political process.       This is, borrowing from the terminology of the 50’s, “a commie under every rock” mindset.     It is a common practice by … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts before the Season

I am about to take the plunge into the political arena when it comes to my posts – but before I do; I just want to reflect on a few subjects. My webpage and blog are attached to some detailed monitoring … Continue reading

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A problem that shouldn’t be a problem

To say it is totally unnecessary is just part of the story. We have historical homes that are being gutted down to the studs. This is because we have a regulatory problem in Massachusetts.     As much as there is talk … Continue reading

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Drawing Them In

The Appalachian Trail that stretches from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mt Katahdin in Maine has turned out to be a real boom to the communities and towns that lie on or near its route.      After doing the camping and … Continue reading

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The Basics for the Upcoming Elections, Introduction

Politics is constantly, whether its local, regional or national, involving special interest groups.       You could, for all practical purposes, call them ‘voter blocks’.      Any one running for an election must take seriously these sectors of the electorate; and make sure, … Continue reading

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Bird Food

Eco-tourism is a big plus for the Greater Newburyport Area.       We have the magnificent Parker River Wildlife Preserve that partially encompasses The Great Marsh.     We have the Parker River, one of the cleanest rivers in Massachusetts that in turn feeds … Continue reading

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There are a few things where size does matter but when it comes to tourism, there are other times when having something large is unworkable, unruly and when it comes to tourism, downright unpleasant.       To give you an extreme worse-case … Continue reading

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