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A Citizen’s Duty

One of the obligations for a good citizen is to support a worthy organization in your community.       So many do but there is always a need for more to show support.     In an historic seaport community in which our heritage … Continue reading

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City Policy: A New Building Inspector

1. Historic District Signage. 2. New Building Inspector. 3. Public Restriction Tract Index 4. Rubber Sheeting 5. Archeological Ordinance. 6. National Landmark Status. 7. Sidewalk Maintenance Plan. 8. Utility Lines Undergrounding. 9. Demolition Delay Expansion. 10. Tree Commission Support. 11. … Continue reading

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City Policy: Historic District Signage

1. Historic District Signage.2. New Building Inspector.3. Public Restriction Tract Index4. Rubber Sheeting 5. Archeological Ordinance.6. National Landmark Status.7. Sidewalk Maintenance Plan.8. Utility Lines Undergrounding.9. Demolition Delay Expansion.10. Tree Commission Support.11. LHD Expansion. I often wondered what the response would … Continue reading

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Watch the Abolitionists!

They have the money*, and they have the resources and above all else, they have the actors!      It is one thing to see a statue of William Lloyd Garrison, the noted Abolitionist, that stands silent in our Brown Square and … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Hate History?

One Internet survey based on 186,000 opinions indicated that 59% of the people surveyed hated history. Some theories pose the reason for such a result is that unpleasant events that have occurred in the past have lead some to want … Continue reading

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Hard Slog Ahead but a Worthy Effort

Tonight the second reading of the [partial] Ridge local historic district was defeated.      If we are going to change over the city councilors to be more favorable toward preservation, we also need to change the minds of a large section … Continue reading

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House Stories – 172 State Street – The Benjamin Coker House (Also known as the Noyes House)

There was at one time, nothing that was impressive about Newburyport’s famous ‘The Ridge’.     Most of it was a mix of pasture and forested land that rose up from High Street.      To the far western part of the hill were … Continue reading

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