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Death Watch Day Eight

I actually didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the house today.     Not because I was chased down the street (Somebody’s irate!) but I had a busy schedule.    I swung by this morning just to make sure nothing … Continue reading

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Watch Carefully

You aught to attend city council meetings and I might dare suggest, regularly. I know watching on cable is terribly convenient and for many Newburyporters with health and time issues; it is the only way to see what is going … Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money, Part II

You see, there was a time when Newburyport was very broke.      Of course, everyone’s mind goes back to John Lagoulis’ tales of the 20’ and 30’s but the City also went broke in the early 60’s.    The TV factory on … Continue reading

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Lot Width Ordinance Re-instated!

As you know, there has been a lot of pressure from ‘unseen’ special interests who didn’t want this ordinance put back in.     A homeowner with deep pockets took the city to land court over the Lot Width Ordinance.     The judge … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Seven

I thought the new owner of the Tappan House was acting badly but now, with the Boston Globe focusing its demolition article almost completely on Newbury, they are becoming a little crazy.     Today, they called the police on some photographer … Continue reading

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The Neglected Golden Rule

“Love thy neighbor as thyself” seems to be a very passé attitude these days.     No where is this seen as in the attitude of some of the Newburyport citizens that are in the area of Storey Avenue.      They don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Six

The Boston Globe reporter, David Rattigan did a very nice article on the Tappan House situation.     He was originally going to concentrate on two other towns that were also struggling with threatened demolitions.     But as it turned out, those situations … Continue reading

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Death Watch Day Five

The situation is getting darker as the owners seem to be making no effort to reach out to Historic New England (Contrary to the puff piece in the Daily News) – as of this date:                                                                    January 28th, … Continue reading

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The View from an Optimist

I am an optimist. I know, I know – you would think someone as acerbic as P. Preservationist  would be either a realist or a real killjoy at a party with all that negativity.       All you have to do is … Continue reading

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Where is the bloomin’ group?

It’s winter and it’s technically cold outside – this is the best time to do planning for gardens and landscapes for all of Newburyport – public and private. I am so envious of The Country Gardeners of Georgetown.      Maybe because … Continue reading

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