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‘Floating’ investments

I wrote back in August of 2010 when the idea of purchasing the lights was first offered: “If we buy the streetlights, are we buying in effect the telephone poles? If we buy the telephone poles, and we want to … Continue reading

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Adopting a positive attitude of ‘sales’!

I suppose it is my fault – having a background in customer service and sales and marketing; I just assumed that people would understand how important it is financially for our entire community that Newburyport is properly promoted. Apparently, that … Continue reading

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Another Threat to Newbury & Newburyport’s Quality of Life!

I already gave a head’s up concerning the threat of solar panels being put on the historic common pasture. I want to thank everyone who came out to the public hearing in Newbury. Unfortunately, it was for naught since they were … Continue reading

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The ‘Managed’ Destruction of Newburyport’s Historical Buildings

It has long been planned when Councilor Ives was on the Council to have an expanded demolition delay ordinance to help protect not just our downtown but the rest of the historical buildings in the city.       There has been talk … Continue reading

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Outdoing each other in destroying our city

It is pretty bad when Allison Heartquist has to speak before her fellow councilors to remind them they have an obligation to protect the citizens of Newburyport.    She has identified the subject matter of Plum Island but it is a continuing problem … Continue reading

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Newburyport must throw off a thug mentality!

As the Urban Dictionary has quoted Tupac Shakur* as defining it, “a thug is someone who is going through struggles, has gone through struggles, and continues to live day by day with nothing for them. That person is a thug. … Continue reading

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Which is which?

You will notice right across from the northern tip of Cushing Park, the corner of Kent & Munroe.         This marks the beginning of an interesting street which runs all the way from Kent until it finally ends at Oakland Street.      … Continue reading

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