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The Slow Legislative Process

Well, after a political rally and a host of supporting testimony, the next step will be to get the bill out of committee.      Unfortunately, after a successful egress it then has to go to another committee for more hearings.       And … Continue reading

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CPA Rally & Committee Hearing

I know I am called the "Masked Preservationist" by Tom Salemi and I enjoy my very shallow anonymity* but it seemed that I was totally ignored at the big rally.    I also failed to meet with Senator Baddour and Representative … Continue reading

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Staying On Target

P. Preservationist is not a Newburyport history website  – it is a location dedicated to historic preservation but with our history forgotten and/or underutilized, such efforts are meaningless without a history.      Stories about things that matter must be brought out and … Continue reading

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Low-cost Ways to Jump Property Values

I was thinking how much just a little effort with just a little money a homeowner can do to upgrade their property values and how an entire neighborhood can raise their worth by combining some simple efforts.   One is through … Continue reading

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Mystery House – An Historian’s Mistake

As I have been doing the "House Stories" surprising facts just seem to pop up.     It doesn’t matter what house I pick or what neighborhood I peer into, amazing information that you would think should be common knowledge  is revealed.      … Continue reading

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Too early to celebrate!

I have been so encouraged by the fact that we have two mayoral candidates that have dedicated themselves to the expansion of the local historic district ordinance.     I have also found out that almost all the candidates running for office … Continue reading

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Bait & Switch – We’ve been had!

What with all the talk of saving the "planet" – I have had the suspicion that it was a "fad" all along.      While the theme runs the celebrity press and it’s all the talk, those groups that have been working … Continue reading

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