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The Slow Legislative Process

Well, after a political rally and a host of supporting testimony, the next step will be to get the bill out of committee.      Unfortunately, after a successful egress it then has to go to another committee for more hearings.       And … Continue reading

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CPA Rally & Committee Hearing

I know I am called the "Masked Preservationist" by Tom Salemi and I enjoy my very shallow anonymity* but it seemed that I was totally ignored at the big rally.    I also failed to meet with Senator Baddour and Representative … Continue reading

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Staying On Target

P. Preservationist is not a Newburyport history website  – it is a location dedicated to historic preservation but with our history forgotten and/or underutilized, such efforts are meaningless without a history.      Stories about things that matter must be brought out and … Continue reading

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Low-cost Ways to Jump Property Values

I was thinking how much just a little effort with just a little money a homeowner can do to upgrade their property values and how an entire neighborhood can raise their worth by combining some simple efforts.   One is through … Continue reading

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Mystery House – An Historian’s Mistake

As I have been doing the "House Stories" surprising facts just seem to pop up.     It doesn’t matter what house I pick or what neighborhood I peer into, amazing information that you would think should be common knowledge  is revealed.      … Continue reading

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Too early to celebrate!

I have been so encouraged by the fact that we have two mayoral candidates that have dedicated themselves to the expansion of the local historic district ordinance.     I have also found out that almost all the candidates running for office … Continue reading

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Bait & Switch – We’ve been had!

What with all the talk of saving the "planet" – I have had the suspicion that it was a "fad" all along.      While the theme runs the celebrity press and it’s all the talk, those groups that have been working … Continue reading

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CPA – We need your help!

You have to be blind in one eye and unable to see out the other to realize that in Newburyport, the CPA has had an incredible impact on our city.       Picture houses and industrial buildings from Scotland Road to Low Street … Continue reading

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House Stories – The Morrill Place – 209 High Street

You could say that Detroit has partial ownership of this house.      Contrary to the many stories about Amesbury, the carriage business did not die with the advent of the automobile.      It was way too easy to transfer the skills in … Continue reading

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Trails & Sails – Heritage Tourism

Don’t forget the events this weekend.     In just a few hours, a tour of our historic cemeteries is about to take place.    Martha Stewart Magazine just had a mention of Newburyport’s Old Hill Cemetery in their latest issue. Any mention … Continue reading

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