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2013: The Year of the Historic Preservationist

No where in time have the groups of historic preservationists been more organized, been more talented and have more opportunities than now.       Never has the city been more in need of a coordinated, organized program for historic preservation. Never have … Continue reading

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Yes, there is a cost!

I know this may appear as ‘too little too late’ but I would like to remind those who live in the Newburyport Historic District and have the good fortune to have historic brick or at least some brick on the … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation is not important!?!

Could you imagine how long Mystic Seaport or Sturbridge or Plymouth would survive if the historic draws of these communities were expunged?       Let’s use Mystic Seaport and Sturbridge as particular examples.       Both have their ‘Storey Avenues’ that lie just outside … Continue reading

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Last Week’s Invitation Night

Last week blew away any previous records when it came to last Friday’s event.       One of the major reasons it has blossomed has been the Chamber’s ability to get over the destructive psychosis of the last 30 years. A mental … Continue reading

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Taking Cover

The nice thing about having the Daily News list the councilors who are against the LHD – it makes it rather ‘official’. One of the oddities of politics is the phenomenon called obfuscation. You must never be the one that … Continue reading

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What WAS that!?!

It was like watching an alternate universe on Monday night – all of a sudden, the city councilors were actually working out an LHD and doing amendments and compromises and almost reasonable discussion.     For a quarter of The Ridge? Excepting … Continue reading

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Political Cowardice

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. -Abraham Lincoln I was just blown … Continue reading

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