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Tunnels: Part VI – As vital components of trade – Some questions answered

Basically, we need to know when they were made; and how they were used. As we have discussed in an earlier post; smuggling was pretty common and to avoid not smelling of tar and looking like a giant chicken; most … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part V – Transporting the ‘Product’

As indicated in previous posts on the tunnels, molasses was “black gold” to the early economy of Newburyport.    Though international trade and ship building was also important, it was the distilling of sugar into rum that was the foundation for Newburyport’s … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part IV – How did Newburyport become rich through smuggling?

The focus of the problem was simple, long before American Custom Houses there were British Custom Houses.      To simply follow the rules of empire would have impoverished the average trader with limited supply and the very high tariffs of the Molasses … Continue reading

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Check out the Little River Trail System – A Hidden Newburyport Treasure

There is an incredible resource in the City of Newburyport that is being under utilized; all because it is out of the public eye; and in many ways, hidden from view. Called the Little River Trail System – five beautiful trails, one … Continue reading

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Disrespecting History

What burns me greatly is when someone does something stupidly, which will, in the end, hurt them; and then we’re all supposed to ignore it so we won’t hurt their feelings, or offend them or make them mad. It’s still … Continue reading

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Historicity is a money-maker!!!!

“People come to Newburyport to be attracted by the historicity of the community… we want to continue that.” -Dick Sullivan, Sr, June 18, 2007, Renovators had rules to follow when rebuilding, Newburyport Daily News. I hate to be crude about … Continue reading

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Yikes they’re early!

I was shocked this Independence Day weekend to find out the nasty devils, The Greenheads, are here early.     They usually don’t show up until the week after the 4th. It is a known fact that greenheads can’t function fully unless … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part Three – Smuggling was the original cause of the American Revolution

Yes, I know!      Another controversial statement but well-documented from American and British correspondence. As indicated in the previous post, Smuggling was making the American Colonies, especially New England wealthy.        And then came the French and Indian War (Called the Seven … Continue reading

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