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War of Attrition

Sometimes I can understand the viewpoint of some environmentalists.     They go about without compromise and are very strident, not even wanting to give an inch.     You can see why by looking at the Common Pasture.    At one time, the whole thing … Continue reading

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Reading the News!

It was rather exciting to see the Daily News and the Current filled with some news.     I can’t remember a time when I actually had to do some serious reading of the paper!   Normally, I peak at a few … Continue reading

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The Independent Arm

The best approach to getting anything done in this city will be having an independent preservation voice that is not bound by City Hall.     One that doesn’t suffocate initiative .     One bad thing about hanging too close to that "culture" … Continue reading

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Familiarity breeds contempt

When I decided to marry my wife, and started making my intentions known; I received the strangest response from her.    “Don’t take me for granted”, she said, “what ever you do and however you are in the future, I don’t … Continue reading

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Much Ado for Later

There are two significant events that have occurred that bear comment but I am holding off.    One, the Toppans Lane has been continued to April 15th but there is a lot of information on this project that needs some serious … Continue reading

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Zoning Protection?

Normally, I like to do some research and consult what others have written before I publish my comments.    But today, I would like to think out loud.     It is true that special considerations are allowed under the Massachusetts Building Code … Continue reading

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Don’t Replace Your Old Windows!

Over the weekend, I attended the Traditional Building Conference at Hynes Auditorium.     I attended last year and it was a busy place then.    What with the economy, the collapse of the construction industry, the housing industry and the general malaise; … Continue reading

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Being Pushed Out

New England Development has a very clear plan for their properties.     They want businesses that have deep pockets.      Of course, if the business is in itself a people attractor, that is also a real plus.    The severe danger is the … Continue reading

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Ill-gotten Gain

I just received a great one-page information sheet on the recent court case on CPA.    Thanks to a reader, I have a one-page dissertation by an attorney that nicely summarizes the ruling that resulted from the case.   Many municipalities … Continue reading

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Bring Them Back

Bring Them Back!   When Newburyport was a shuttered thing, one of the pioneering voices to restore our downtown and preserve our neighborhoods was the Historical Society of Old Newbury.    This seasoned organization did much to coordinate with leaders and … Continue reading

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