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A few more items on the Christmas List

When we were children; one of the great Christmas traditions was to compile a Christmas Wish List; and sometimes when times were good to epic proportions.     Then, and I was very good at this as a child; would mount a … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s ‘Grassy Knoll’

This last city council meeting and another one this immediate last Thursday, has uncovered some strange things that went on having to do with 8 Strong Street, the Board of Health and the Newburyport Historic District; especially dealing with the … Continue reading

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Let’s take advantage of this rare opportunity!

It’s time to get on foot or bike or car and travel around the City. John Bromfield, bless his heart; did much to create the spectacular beauty called, ‘Newburyport’.      In old archival photos, the original downtown and immediate neighborhoods were barren … Continue reading

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Know the truth but please respect my illusions

I laughed at the bumper sticker I spotted yesterday during the Invitation Night here in Newburyport.       It certainly could be applied to politics and our society on many different levels; but in respect to this blog entry, I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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What’s their beef with parks?

I wanted to get back into the holiday spirit but so many have written back asking questions like, “What is a dark sider?” and “What’s their problem with the idea of a park?”; that I feel I need to follow … Continue reading

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Resist being manipulated

Tis the season for Christmas and Hanukkah and general holiday cheer; spent with family and friends.       And in our classic ‘Dickens’ setting downtown and our lovely historic neighborhoods; the last thing we want to hear or see is more politics … Continue reading

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