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The Infrastructure Queen vs. the Preservation King

I am not sure what to make of this next election.   If you are looking for a nice, clean difference between the two – then good luck.     But then, it never has been that way in politics.     In our Republic, you … Continue reading

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Libertarians – Say it ain’t so!

The excuse for last night’s shenanigans came right from the Mayor’s mouth that a ‘few’ homeowners have been caught under this ordinance and they just ‘can’t’ swing improving the city’s sidewalks as they do ‘moderate improvements’. Supposedly, a $100,000 is … Continue reading

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Public Service Notice

Have you noticed lately that a lot of things going on around Newburyport are not being reported. Have you noticed that the local papers are increasingly being used as commercial and political mouthpieces?     Have you noticed that we have intimate news about … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part Two – The Relevance of Smuggling Today

If smuggling is so omni-present not just today but in our past; why has there not been an explosion in literature about the practise?      Well simply put, smuggling by its very nature requires no ‘trail’ and certainly no publicity for … Continue reading

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Where’s a town crier when you need one!?!

We need to get everyone out to the joint Planning Board and Council of the Whole meeting, Wednesday night in the city council chambers.           If you can’t make it, send e-mails to the members of the Planning Board and City … Continue reading

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One more thing to stop the damage.

Tonight the primary thrust of the Committee of the Whole and the Planning board will be to tighten the building inspector’s record keeping and due diligence.      Just one more attempt to try to stop the boom town ‘slap-anything-together-and-sell-it-at-inflated prices’ that … Continue reading

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What happened!?!

          Not being a forensic expert I was just unsure what happened.    The Little  River Nature Trail sign was nearby and was not affected. And I know a short and violent windstorm had passed through on Friday. The … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s ‘Grassy Knoll’

This last city council meeting and another one this immediate last Thursday, has uncovered some strange things that went on having to do with 8 Strong Street, the Board of Health and the Newburyport Historic District; especially dealing with the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Another Witch Hunt

Just this last year, members of the Commission on Diversity and Tolerance thoroughly embarrassed themselves when they began to exhibit the now familiar characteristics of a witch hunt.      Just like during the famous witch hysteria when the Governor of Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Separating FACT from fiction

I’ve heard for a while the silly shenanigans that have been going on in the city – people putting their signs in front of others, putting their opponents signs parallel to the street so they can’t be seen by vehicles, snatching … Continue reading

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