For years, the Upper Little River Watershed was, of all things, zoned Industrial! Yes, picture factories, large parking lots and buildings, LOTS of buildings, LOTS of parking lots. And yet, this area shaped like a bowl which has a clay base (in other words no water table below to take in the rain). Heavy rains race off the high area around Storey Avenue, and rush down ready to do property damage and all kinds of havoc.   But the area is also home to wetlands and forests which soak up this rain and prevent erosion and downriver misery! The Bowl

In addition, the forest literally acts as a sound barrier to the roar of Route 95 making Newburyport one of the quietest urban areas in the state. The expanse of meadows and trees are absolutely beautiful.     And now, the Little River Trail System offers five trails to experience this natural wonder.


Well the Planning Board and the City Council are planning on solving this contradiction and potential disaster by rezoning the area an Agricultural/Conservation District. The legal notice in the paper doesn’t have a map attached so the description is gobbly goop to the average citizen. So here is the map!

Citizens for years have known how important it is to leave this area open. It was the main reason that CPA was passed by Newburyport voters. The first act of the Community Preservation Committee was to purchase the Cooper North Pasture Lot! If you are a resident of Newburyport, you have legal standing to write to your city councilor and to the Mayor and put your full support behind this resolution.

Some may dispute around the edges but the main thrust can not be disputed. Do this and protect the communities’ quality of life.

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3 Responses to THIS IS A ‘BIG’ DEAL!

  1. Joe Carper says:


  2. Frank Dekker says:

    Thank you for your continued advocacy of all things good that make Newburyport what it is.
    Do you know if the WoodmanFarm nature trail in the Little River area is going to re-open after the construction at Atria behind Shell and CVS? Who authorised the path to be temporarily (?) closed without any signage or diversion anyway?

    • indyjerry77 says:

      That is of course the Randal J. Millen Trail now. I have a rocky relationship with Tropic Star – it took a lot of careful negotiation to get a trail head established so I haven’t pushed against the fact the trail was blocked. The City and the Planning Board requires the trail area fully restored once they are done. I’ve used this event to do a lot of improvements to that section until it is open. As long as you are aware of the giant cul-de-sac it is still a great trail to walk.

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