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A Way to Stop the Regional Threat

Solar has been growing as the best way to turn to “green” technology – and thus government support as well as promotion by the utility companies; has made the trickle of energy from this source begin to cascade into a … Continue reading

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It’s time to plan ahead

Now’d you think, what it being full-blown summer, that it’s just a little too late for that.        You’ve already armed yourself with bug spray, suntan lotion, grabbed your beach chair and dipped into your savings account to help pay for … Continue reading

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Adding a comment where it belongs

The Newburyport Blog does not allow comments so I thought I’d put one on my blog. Mary Eaton’s response to the pressure laid on her for being against the “anti-plastic bag” movement was, as typical for her, very classy. It … Continue reading

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Newburyport Home Companion: Second Empire (1855-1885)

I have been slowly building a home preservation manual for the Newburyport Historic District.     The trick has been to locate fine structures here in town that match the architectural style. Concerning the Second Empire style, there is definitely something to … Continue reading

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I get all geared up about an issue or an event and then it occurs and the next thing that happens, I am on to the next issue or event.        I just assume (most incorrectly) that everyone has heard what … Continue reading

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Need a New Strategy

What Good is “Both Sides of the Story” When One Side Lies?                                                                                -Rush Limbaugh   It is a legitimate question in an era in which the political objective is all consuming.     No longer is it championing your ideology.      … Continue reading

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When you’ve got it; don’t sweat it!

What amazes me is the area of the city that is actually practicing green technology is for some reason, under attack!       This after the city was supposedly nominated to be a green community!       You see, if you live in the … Continue reading

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