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The Infatuation with New Things

 Remember Bossie Gillis?    He was so infatuated with the new thing, the automobile, that he demolished his historic home, the famous landmark the Wolfe Tavern and peppered stations from Route One to State Street.     It has taken years for the … Continue reading

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National Historic Landmark

There has been a lot of excitement lately due to the news that the National Park Service is looking into establishing the Newburyport Historic District as a National Historic Landmark.       My curiosity was such that I thoroughly examined the landmark … Continue reading

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Preserve Our Local Farms

I am very excited about the Farmer’s Market at the Tannery.     I see this as a way to promote our local farms – I am very happy that it will be held indoors at least tomorrow!      This is a special … Continue reading

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Taking Initiative

  While the rest of us were attempting amongst all the bad news to have a festive holiday season, the Mayor did something rather memorable.    I was also rather busy with the time and noted it and then let it … Continue reading

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Preservation Receives No Respect

  There is one thing about the present condition of Newburyport – there is no respect for the preservation of historic places here in Newburyport.     This condition has been here awhile and now the City is in a difficult situation.     … Continue reading

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Save our Market Value!

It is proven nationwide that local historic districts raise property values and make them stable.      In fact, Newburyport has suffered less than other surrounding communities because of our large historic register district which isn’t even a true local historic district. … Continue reading

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Keep the Pressure Up

Sometimes you could get the impression that I am unduly harsh on the Mayor and with a definite lean toward the negative.      That impression is not entirely correct.    It is true that if there was a viable candidate against him … Continue reading

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Take Them Poles Down!

This last week Geordie Vining surprised us all by recommending that the utility poles around Brown Square be buried.     The budget & finance committee has recommended that a public hearing be made concerning the proposal.   I plan on being … Continue reading

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Why Nancy Colbert’s Leaving was a Blessing!

    Some may wonder why I did not weep when Nancy Colbert so abruptly left her post as Planning Director.   Some may have mourned her loss because she had educational and practical experience in establishing a local historic district.     … Continue reading

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