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Product Uniqueness

I don’t have much in profound statements today but it might be good to start thinking of unique attractions, products and services that make Newburyport a real destination.   I visited Rockport and aside from staring morosely at Motif #1 … Continue reading

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Modern Window’s Update

Just to keep the reader up to date, I was able to resolve the difficulty that I encountered with my windows.        I had a problem: what do you do when you have modern windows installed in an historic home?      … Continue reading

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Planning Director needs to hit the road running!

We will soon have a new Planning Director.      Unfortunately, if it is someone who is not already familiar with the goings-on in this city, there are pressing urgencies that can not be put off any longer.        One of the … Continue reading

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Repeal Whittier’s Curse

I was so impressed today as I checked out the now-opened Brown Square.    Mr. Vining did just as professional a job as can be done on the interpretive plaques that are positioned in the park.      You first read about the … Continue reading

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Sad but necessary duty for a Preservationist

Some might think it’s macabre but every day I scan the newspaper for foreclosures.   I don’t care what poor unfortunate soul must be going through as they endure financial difficulties.      In fact, I don’t even look at the names.      … Continue reading

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I tried to be a good husband!

All I did was follow the directions.       My wife wanted me to install bathroom towel racks.       Simple, right?     I didn’t even try to do it my way (like in the old Home Improvement shows).     I followed the directions exactly … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation Everywhere

Perhaps because I am so involved in the subject but doesn’t it seem even with Preservation Week that restoration efforts and projects are everywhere? From Brown Square to the Powder House, Perkins Mint to Orange Street, CPC to the Historical … Continue reading

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