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An Inside Job!

I might add that our very own Taintor & Associates with offices at the Tannery will be conducting the application, design and engineering work for the Essex National Heritage Scenic Byway and will be working on it until 2011.          … Continue reading

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Essex Heritage National Scenic Byway

It is very gratifying to see so many historic preservation projects converging into our little City.        The key word to understand here is "grants".       Sure, the scenic byway will increase the amount of tourists along the route.     Sure, this designation … Continue reading

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Common Sense & Science Out the Window

I will no longer have any more mention of wind turbines on this blog.       I will leave that subject to be handled by the Citizens for Environmental Balance at and other groups whether pro or con.     Discussions have no … Continue reading

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CPA Funding Bill on the Move!

Newburyport has benefited in so many ways through the CPA program, I just wanted to share the news that occurred a couple of weeks ago.      The SB 90 bill that would guarantee at least a 75% matching grant from the … Continue reading

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Please don’t elect them!

Please don’t keep electing clueless politicians.      It doesn’t matter if they are liberal or conservative or rogue politicians just don’t let them be lacking common sense or even having no awareness of their surroundings.      We have had too many … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation in Community Development

There was a time when there were two parties: One party believed in preserving historic architecture, the other Party believed that new modern architecture was the key to economic growth.       The former cared about preserving our nation’s heritage and restoring … Continue reading

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We have much to be thankful for!

Newburyport has been in a very nice position this last year.       All I keep hearing is woe and worry from citizens and merchants in other communities.        In the beginning of this year, I was wondering if our city would fall … Continue reading

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