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Comedy & Drama

I don’t know anything about Mr. Hendrickson, but apparently he is very good at comedy. (Or, he is writing this article in perfect seriousness.)    After a tough week of busy schedules, I needed something to boost my spirits. Rarely does … Continue reading

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Dealing with Hysterics

There is this troubling trend recently in politics that if someone puts up a fuss, no matter how unreasonable and crazy they may be; then the response is to back down from doing what is right so we ‘all get … Continue reading

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Local Historic District: Protecting Our Diversity

Some citizens are afraid of the local historic district expansion because it will increase property values and make it more expensive to live in Newburyport – unfortunately, their negative vote will guarantee their fears happening. It has to do with … Continue reading

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A Shot Across the Bow – A Second Time

When the Coast Guard encounters a smuggler or a suspect ship, they shoot across the front of the bow to indicate a clear warning.     If you don’t surrender, you will be attacked and boarded – if you resist, there will … Continue reading

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Local Historic District Expansion: The Entire City Benefits

It is an established fact by the Internal Revenue Service and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.      The State has known for years the ethical impacts and has enjoyed the revenue from the ripple affect. A LOCAL HISTORIC DISTRICT CAUSES PROPERTY … Continue reading

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The Complete Picture of Buying Local

Let’s get one thing straight. The call to buy local is a great thing because it helps support our local economy inside and outside the tourist season. Unfortunately, it has forever been linked with the limited franchise ordinance effort that … Continue reading

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Some Weekend Reminders

As John Lagoulis said today at his Newburyport Library presentation, he predicts that Newburyport will be one of the few places in Massachusetts that will grow and prosper and be a leader in New England.       This of course, after looking … Continue reading

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Success!!! The Lower Green will soon have its view protected.

Just received this wonderful news! “Essex County Greenbelt and the Save the Lower Green Committee are thrilled to announce that the Campaign to Protect Newman Farm Meadow reached a successful conclusion this week.  Thanks to a larger number of individual … Continue reading

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The Lighting Issue – My Silence

There is nothing worse when talking with someone and realizing they have absolutely no knowledge on a subject. I was at a gathering and the person whom I was speaking with was vehemently opposed to the local historic district ordinance.   … Continue reading

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Historic Renovation – Almost There!

I am often accused of being way too critical but it’s not because I have a tendency to be negative.      When I see something good I want others to know it too. In this picture is 47 Milk Street.      It … Continue reading

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