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DON’T throw out the baby with the bathwater!!!!!!!

 As things become more competitive in the city council races; I want to put forth this warning in order to make sure that whatever you may feel toward the Mayor, or the city’s policies; may not reflect in the way you vote … Continue reading

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Primary Endorsement

Ted Waldron III I was going to write this involved blog and add links and rational, and then it hit me. All three candidates are good people. Okay, a little crazy, of course, because they’re dipping their feet into the … Continue reading

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Old is the new green

Our historically-preserved neighborhoods are the gateway for us to be a truly sustainable, zero-output community.       So I won’t be accused of plagiarism, recently Architecture Boston, which is a cutting-edge trade-magazine for the construction industry  (not meant for us plebeians), in … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being ‘green’ but it could be easy being green

Is that title confusing you?     In other words, you can make it hard to achieve a green community or you can make it easy – it’s all in your attitude. The purpose of the present Green Building Movement is to … Continue reading

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We need to throw off our hypocrisy (Starting in the Building Department)

When the  Green Community Act was embraced here in Newburyport; it meant that we, as a city would begin to become “Green”.        This is not some light-hearted affair sticking a solar panel there, and an electric charging station here; it … Continue reading

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A New Survey for the Election Season

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Smart Growth 40R District – Learn the Details

The devil is in the details or as the Bible recounts, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards; all of this is true when it comes to this most complex zoning area around the traffic circle. I taped the entire … Continue reading

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