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Window Salesmen

"Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with that expensive double-pane energy efficient kind, and today, I got a call from the contractor who installed them. He was complaining that the work had been completed a whole … Continue reading

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Aesthetics Anyone?

There is one distinctive characteristic in citizens of Newburyport who are members of the "Dark Side".     A total, absolute dismissal of anything that smacks of the aesthetics.              And if there is anyone who so clearly reflects that is the Mayor’s … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

I was able to attend the Wind Energy Ordinance hearing on Wednesday.       Thankfully, the Planning & Development Committee did allow pubic comment while they were deliberating the suggested changes. (See below under Current Events, the suggested changes in a .pdf … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Ordinance Tonight

This is the most crucial meeting tonight.       Many recommended changes have been posted for amending the ordinance. (See below under Current Events)   Ed Cameron indicated that the committee meeting would basically be a discussion amongst the members as to … Continue reading

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Mystery Revealed: The Atkinson Stone Tower

Sometimes when you walk around Newburyport, there are oddities – like – why is there a big cannonball on a pedestal next to the Courthouse on Bartlett Mall?     Or stupid things like a big cluster of telephone poles on State that … Continue reading

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The King of Newburyport

It has dawned on me that when it comes to credentials, there is precious little information about our long-running buildng inspector, Gary W. Calderwood.       Considering our vast historic district and the special allowances under the building code for our historic district; … Continue reading

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House Stories – Rum Cottage

House Stories – Rum Cottage – 158 State Street & 71 High Street   It doesn’t take long for any pedestrian strolling along “The Ridge” to observe an idiosyncrasy.    Stretching along the length are mansion after mansion until 71 High … Continue reading

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Waterfront & Parking – Inseparable Issues

The September 15th Meeting at 6:30 in City Hall needs to be attended by anyone interested in the Waterfront.       Tetra Tech Rizzo’s parking study (which combines all the prior parking studies in the mix.) will reveal the two most promising … Continue reading

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Let’s Send Both to Political School!

Sheesh, I had urged that it was necessary for James Shanley to attend the White Hen Pantry Meeting.       Unfortunately, he needs to take political lessons as to answering questions.     As I said, politics is the art of the possible.      Put … Continue reading

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Advancing Ever Forward?

It is highly unusual that First Republic Corporation of America is selling its condominium project but not the Towle Building.       My advice is to watch very closely on any future developments at this location. (Including the mouth-watering menu items at the … Continue reading

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