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Hotels make money for the City

People have debated back and forth on a hotel for the Waterfront.     A loud minority don’t want a hotel at all claiming wildly that its very presence will destroy the character of Newburyport.     The greater majority with more moderating views … Continue reading

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Public-private is not an option; it’s a necessity.

Today in the Daily News, several councilors objected to the linkage trail between Maudsley State Park and Moseley Pines City Park.     Voiced by Brian Derrivan over the problem of patrolling a trail system through the forest, both he and Tom … Continue reading

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Little is much when it comes to the Save the Lower Green Effort

$500,000 is a lot of money.         The Save the Lower Green effort has been tremendously successful and is getting very close to the goal of purchasing four acres behind the historic common.   $390,000 has been raised so far. Why should we … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it

People have a mistaken idea on the sanctity of government ownership.      They find a building or a park or an expanse of open space threatened – they then propose to save it from the developer or the threat of destruction, … Continue reading

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Mr. Walker & Mr. Wheeler

I read about the insanity at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge.   It is hard to believe that the very spirit of a wildlife preserve is being increasingly disregarded.     I also see the tyranny of drivers who expect everyone else to … Continue reading

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Hey – Where did it go?

This sign recognized the Dalton House and its significance in relation to the 300th anniversary (1930) of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.       Believe it or not, there is actually money set aside by the state to take care of these signs.     … Continue reading

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Sidewalks – Not an optional feature in Newburyport

I have lived in many communities across America.       I have also been an avid bicyclist and have prided myself in being a dedicated hiker.        And one thing I can say without hesitation – most places where I have lived are … Continue reading

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Ten Most Needed Areas for Bricking: Ashland & Merrimac

Yes, what you are gazing at below is the lovely western-most Merrimac Street entrance to the Newburyport Historic District.    Notice the upright stone on the left – it commemorates the building of one of the world’s largest and fastest … Continue reading

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Prospecting in Newburyport

When I first came to Newburyport, all I could see was the pretty harbor, the lovely downtown and the quiet streets chocked full of historic homes.    I could sense that the place practically wreaked of history.   Visually soothed by every … Continue reading

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Signs – too many or not enough?

Jim McCarthy recently proposed to the Planning Board that an initiative be taken to put up better signage to attract more visitors to the Downtown.      He complained that there was little indication in the Storey Avenue area that a beautiful … Continue reading

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