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It’s Working!

Okay, let’s rephrase that: it’s working if we all chip in together.        As I indicated in today’s Daily News article, The History of Yankee Homecoming, which I have in it’s ‘unabridged’ version here; the whole point of Yankee Homecoming is … Continue reading

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The Power behind the Throne

Ever heard of Albenia Boole?     Probably not, but if it wasn’t for her, the glorious age of the clipper ships wouldn’t have been possible!        Typical of a long line of women who were “behind the scenes”:  such as James Madison … Continue reading

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Tips on whale watching

I figure since more and more non-locals are sneaking views on my blog and website who are making plans to come to Newburyport; it might be a good thing to give some tips on things to do and enjoy in our area. … Continue reading

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Power Vacuum

Just two words to explain why the NRA can not dissolve at this time.     When the Citizens are up in arms over the NRA; they go to the NRA.      When the Waterfront Trust is upset with the NRA; they go … Continue reading

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It’s slow work!

It is so hard to combat those who do wrong. A burgler will break in and steal leaving the house a mess.       A bank robber will terrorize the employees and take the money.      A murderer will commit the terrible act and … Continue reading

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Announcing a new website and a new direction

I am officially unveiling a new organization: The John Bromfield Society. The problem with Newburyport with a population of less than 18,000 is its host of organizations; most which simply won’t talk to each other or work with each other.          Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Tunnels – Solving A Major Mystery

“Smuggling has been one of the most common economic activities of all time, yet it is all but absent from the historical record.”  -Freeman’s Perspective, ( Repeatedly, we have house after house in Newburyport with tunnel entrances.      They are not … Continue reading

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Time Out!

I was going to put something snarky about making sure everyone gets to the First Friday Friends Social tonight RIGHT ON TIME! (Assuming you’re a member or have been invited by a member.)     The Port food tonight is about a … Continue reading

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Is this anyway to get tourists?

I was amazed as I walked by 77 Lime Street; there was this rather familiar gentlemen gazing up at the building.      I knew I’ve seen him before; and he had a foreign gentleman with him who was gazing agape with horror. … Continue reading

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