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Okay, We Get The Point!

Dry as dust, boring as heck – tedious at best – this seems to be the point with the Daily News’ “This Day in History”.       The basic subliminal message is that it should not be dwelt upon, there are no significant events to … Continue reading

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“There Oughta Be A Law!”

This expression usually comes from some awful situation that’s been allowed to continue in the community or society but unfortunately no law exists to stop it.       Something so atrocious that law-abiding, upstanding citizens exclaim in desperation, “There oughta be a law!” … Continue reading

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I’m Back!!! Did you miss me?

I have been unable to respond about anyone or anything for months.      This forced sabbatical has been utterly unbearable. They dangled money before my eyes and without hesitation, I took it!    It’s one thing to be on again and off again … Continue reading

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P. Preservationist’s Endorsements

One of the odd things about being the P. Preservationist is the creation of a literary split personality.     Personally, I am a Conservative, and a Tea-Partier – and for those who know me individually; this can make for much confusion.      Especially … Continue reading

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