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Affordable Housing & Historic Preservation

  Massachusetts’ communities are subject to mandated creation of affordable housing by Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 40B if 10% of a town’s housing is not considered affordable.  In an historic community such as Newburyport, this could mean the destruction of … Continue reading

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The Two Obstacles

  There are two major obstacles in Karp’s Plans.   Regardless of all the rhetoric about Karp – This man is hemmed in.  On the city’s website, there is actually an ordinance called the Western Waterfront Overlay District (WWOD).   The … Continue reading

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It’s not the LHD – it’s the size!

When you take the advantages of having a local historic district in Newburyport, the arguments against it pale away with the tremendous advantages that not just the city but the citizens will receive.   Of course, you will always have … Continue reading

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Aesthetic vs Ethereal

  There was a clever journalist trick in the Daily News several months ago on the opinion page.   The very clever wordplay used the word “aesthetic” in such a way that the reader would naturally equate it as ethereal.    The … Continue reading

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Concerns over CPA

I wish to relay a very great concern as it relates to the CPC.     As is obvious there will be many projects submitted for CPA funds.    As consideration is being made, I would like to point out these serious concerns. … Continue reading

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A Breather for Preservation

Even though it is rather disturbing to see so many projects being stalled, postponed or sold; there is a positive to all this.     This gives the city an opportunity to tighten its ordinances, establish the local historic district and to … Continue reading

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The Historic Progression

  As I read about the new Planning Director, Sean Sullivan, I realize that he is just one more participant in the long effort to preserve our beautiful neighborhoods and to protect us from poor development. All this effort is … Continue reading

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