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The First True Test of our New City Council

In the old city councils in the past, the public would participate in the public hearings and in the political process.       After all was said and done, and the final legislation was being formalized; in the cover of darkness, the … Continue reading

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Upsetting the Apple Cart

A lot has happened since the last time I put in a post.     The announcement of Representative Costello resigning has triggered a bit of a conundrum.            Right now we have a good working city council that is earnest in doing … Continue reading

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Much of our ‘Standards’ originated in Newburyport

It is very odd that Dan Bowie has a problem with the Department of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation.       It just so happens that William Graves Perry who lived at 47 High Street and who later in life actually assisted … Continue reading

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What should be in the Master Plan

There will be many sectors of our city who will want to add something to the Master Plan. More power to them but there are a few essentials that need to be included: One, a sidewalk maintenance plan.     Yes, it … Continue reading

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Look how far we’ve come!

Don’t get me wrong, we still have a long way to go when it comes to historic preservation; but I’ve been here for over a quarter of a century and events have developed so quickly that I’d thought I’d share … Continue reading

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The Comedic Troupe

Wednesday night we will probably be treated, yet again, to Newburyport’s version of the Westboro Baptist Church.        This assemblage of silly people have created a new meaning for “Bad Theater”. Last public hearing over the three proposed ordinances had this … Continue reading

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