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Technocrat vs. The Dark Sider

Now usually, putting a title like that on a post – nothing needs more to be said.    Everyone in their heart likes to see a ‘perfect’ leader – one cunning and wise filled with intuition and a clear vision.  A … Continue reading

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Bringing History to Life

This Sunday, the Old South will be holding it’s annual Reenactment Service*.        Instead of the weekly message from Pastor John, the Rev. George Whitefield will be speaking. As I have already written about Mr. Whitefield in an earlier post, I … Continue reading

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Bring them in…

Trails and Sails is coming this weekend amongst spectacular fall weather.      Unlike the ‘Cruisin’ in the 50’s” and the Cocktail Competition which had nothing to do with the city itself; this event will be bringing in visitors who specifically want to … Continue reading

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Appealing to the Clueless

People often wonder, “How do bad leaders get into office?” and “How did someone so incompetent or even criminal manage to obtain higher office?” Political wonks and those who have a deep understanding of the issue’s often stand aghast and … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Standards

Oh that I had the legal contacts and the resources for a class action lawsuit! There I was up in Seabrook dropping my wife off at work.     Since I was up there, I thought I’d check out the new shopping … Continue reading

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No One Else’s Fault

It was during Al Lavender’s waning term that the NRA lost the preservation restrictions on the downtown.     Mayor Lavender’s term of office was coming to a close and technically the new mayor, Mary Ann Clancy, would be sworn in as … Continue reading

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What is so special about the Old South?

Our city is filled with historic churches.       Churches filled with ministers and members who witnessed the great march of American history.        So, it comes as a big surprise that the Old South on Federal Street is often singled out as the … Continue reading

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