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Sidewalks: don’t become confused – we’re dealing with two separate issues.

Sidewalks are going to be a BIG ISSUE in this coming political season.       Smoke and fire and people running about shouting and wildly gesticulating – why, it’s going to be quite exciting and rather emotional. First, we’ve got Donna Holaday – … Continue reading

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One of the surprising things that I have found as I have been doing research on the smuggler tunnels under Newburyport (Assuming, of course, they were used for this primary purpose) that my understanding of the city’s history has greatly … Continue reading

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Smart Growth on live tonight

I know this is last minute but I wanted everyone to know that the Planning Board meeting on Smart Growth will be taped but also live on PortMedia. This will be the last time before it enters into the environment of … Continue reading

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Trashing our heritage tourism industry to save a few ‘bucks’

I was aghast to see a notice put into the DPW page of the City’s website asking if the citizens would rather forego brick sidewalks on Green Street for concrete lined with brick. The reason: to save a few dollars … Continue reading

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The History of the Underground Railroad through Newburyport

Since Newburyport was an integral part of the Triangle Trade, merchants felt their livelihood threatened by the anti-slavery movement.      The ‘Trade’ involved purchasing slaves in West Africa often from other black tribes.   The slaves would be brought to the American … Continue reading

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The 800 Pound Gorilla is back!

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names” -John F. Kennedy Obviously, after looking at the political line-up for the upcoming city council races; a group of candidates think the Central Waterfront is going to be the deciding issue. I … Continue reading

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History Repeats Itself

I have brought many a visitor to Newburyport to the top of the Old South Steeple and it does not fail that after seeing the sweeping view of our historic city (the Old South Steeple is the best view in town), … Continue reading

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Clipper Ships – Why the mysterious omission?

There is an odd mystery about the Custom House Maritime Museum, and I see it present in the Cushing House Museum also.        There was a brief, but glorious period called the Era of the Clipper Ship.       It’s start was born … Continue reading

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