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Why we must always be vigilant in city politics

The vast majority of Newburyport citizens don’t get involved in city government.       It is this reason that we can barely get 30% of the registered voters to even show up at the ballot box.     I was recently outside Market Basket … Continue reading

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The inexorable process continues!

While we have a few business owners, homeowners and developers who want to turn their back on historic preservation; most people who come here instinctively realize it is to their own best interest to continue the heritage tourism theme.      And … Continue reading

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Blogging requires hard work

I know Councilor Herzog is in the business of promoting electronic social media – and that is his expertise – making it useful. Good luck to him.    It’s important work. My gosh!      It is so hard for me to deal … Continue reading

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NHC: First Period (Post-Medieval English): 1635-1725

This architecture is very closely modeled after the building traditions that were in existence in England.     Since they were not designed by architects, the materials and shape of the buildings were molded  more from the plentiful lumber, the harsh New … Continue reading

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The Messy but Necessary Benefits of the Political Process

I know there are some who would love to go back to the recent ‘old ways’ when the typical Newburyport citizen’s apathy was so strong that you could cut it with a knife.     Those were the good times for politicians … Continue reading

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Presentation Time

Just in case you were wondering when the Champions of Historic Preservation banner will be presented to the City Council – that time will be just before the Local Historic District Study Committee presents their finished product. So there is … Continue reading

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Unknowingly Useful

I see from today’s rampant editorializing by Dyke Hendrickson, that Councilor Sullivan is possibly thinking of contributing a vote in the Storey Avenue Rezoning issue.      I say, please!        Being the unofficial voice of the dark side, I can’t even imagine … Continue reading

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