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It is the symbol of our city.

It has been the story of our city since the tragic fire of 1811, which by the way, was just the first of life-changing conflagrations that either steered the city into a new direction or killed a dream; or caused … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part Two – The Relevance of Smuggling Today

If smuggling is so omni-present not just today but in our past; why has there not been an explosion in literature about the practise?      Well simply put, smuggling by its very nature requires no ‘trail’ and certainly no publicity for … Continue reading

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Pick a Trail; Any Trail!!!!! June 25th

The slick cardsman pulls out the deck, spreads out your choices and you are confronted with 52 possible cards!     Well, when it comes to the Little River Trail System that covers the historic upper Common Pasture; we have whittled it down to … Continue reading

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Tunnels: Part One – Newburyport became rich from smuggling

To understand how such a statement came to be – there are two factors. One was that America, in particular, Massachusetts, was a colony of Britain, which was an Empire. In this kind of political setup, all wealth is supposed to flow … Continue reading

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Check out Ipswich’s Garage!

Ipswich just south of us is not a big town (except geographically) but it may surprise you they have a parking garage that is close to the size the city is looking to install.     When you go to the train … Continue reading

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Do it Ye Self House Research !

There will be a meeting at the Newburyport Public Library, June 25th, 10:00 a.m. that every resident who lives inside the National Register of Historic Places should attend.     In case of doubt, look for the beautiful signs on High, State, Merrimac and … Continue reading

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Smuggling – Newburyport’s Pre-eminent Industry

I know that making such a statement is of its very nature, controversial; and shocking at the very least.   There are volumes about our city’s international trade, rooms devoted to such at the Cushing House; and for the other famous … Continue reading

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The Lost History of Newburyport

If I had the time to write a book, that is what I would have as a title. The more I dig, the more amazed I become. Not so much of the history that I uncover but by two rather … Continue reading

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6:00 (SHARP), Tonight is a core subject of any museum, collections and how to add to it. The Maritime Society’s core mission (Custom House): Tell the fantastic story of Newburyport’s story as it relates to our port: Ship Construction, Ship … Continue reading

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Romantic Newburyport

I wrote last June the following, “This was romantic Newburyport – resolve and character and determination mixed with courage and ingenuity and a desire for liberty.        They achieved incredible deeds and yet, when they wrote about it; they spoke of it … Continue reading

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