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Our Port Centered Around the Wharves!

And they are still here!      Built upon or buried or paved over; they are most all here!     If the archaeological departments of our higher institutions in New England could gather the funding, we would be their playground.    What historic discoveries … Continue reading

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The Power of Belief

It truly amazes me as I watched Thursday night.     It didn’t matter what facts, history or statistics were provided to the anti-historic preservationists; they were not going to stray from their mantra, “This will take away property rights”. Facts showed … Continue reading

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Failing to Understand the LHD benefits Everyone

I was asked to film the Thursday night Planning & Development Committee hearing so as a representative of PortMedia, I could not speak; but I kept hearing over and over again, either: “I am not in the proposed LHD district” … Continue reading

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Second Biggest Event in Newburyport Threatened

Talk about a gate crasher!      Hurricane Sandy is trying to muscle into our city’s Halloween celebration.       The Mayor has reassured everyone that can be contacted that all is to proceed as planned but to be ready if some pushy broad … Continue reading

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Spook Central

Well, when it comes to spooks, Newburyport is it!      And why not?     Before the cruel bludgeoning’s of ignorant homeowners and cruel developers gut the history out of our houses; fortunately, most of the city is still historically intact.     And ghosts … Continue reading

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Newburyport is only valuable if it is complete!

I have written about this before but I welcome Architect Jonathan Hale coming to our city and lending his credentials, his experience and his knowledge about Newburyport to reinforce this message.       If our streetscapes become marred by inappropriate development, the … Continue reading

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A brief recap of tonight’s meeting

I will slap myself next time I find myself complaining about public apathy!    We finally have something that really catches the public’s fascination and out come the lunatic fringe.  I could respect the anti-historic preservationists who were disciplined and on … Continue reading

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Protect Your House, Protect Newburyport

Let’s say you have a beautiful home with four bedrooms, a full-size kitchen and you fill it with expensive furniture.     You mount a large flat screen television on the wall and have the latest computer toys from Apple.      In the … Continue reading

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History Wars–Episode Seven– ??????????????????

Frankly this Episode hasn’t been written yet.       We are at a crossroads between two alternate futures.     To see either today is easy to do.       We can visit Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Rockport and see what is done when a city … Continue reading

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It’s about the document.

Okay, we have an interesting situation that is about to loom before us on Thursday night.     The Planning & Development Committee will be deliberating about the document. That’s right.      The Document: The Local Historic District Ordinance Every input from the … Continue reading

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