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The History of Yankee Homecoming

The Chamber explains Yankee Homecoming this way, “a way to reinvigorate community pride and interest in the downtown.”     And they wrap it all up after outlining the activities with, “Enjoy”    Unfortunately, many have assumed this is a big Chamber event, … Continue reading

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The Five isn’t waiting around!

If you head north to Portsmouth, you may get a little bit of a shock as you not only see a Newburyport Bank branch office but several construction projects around that town with the familiar logo in front! I know … Continue reading

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Way to Go Chamber!

When it comes to the economy, the City of Newburyport and the Chamber of Commerce are this close to breaking the Resort Dilemma. That is back years ago when Newburyport at the height of the tourist season was packed to … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Special Event

Increasingly, due to its location downtown and the presence of its richly stocked bookstore; the Custom House Maritime Museum has found itself going beyond the maritime theme and setting a tempo for heritage tourism in Newburyport. If you’re a tourist … Continue reading

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Why I showed up at the ZBA last night

Normally, once the demolition delay expires or a demolition permit is issued; the building inspector takes over and the terrible deed is done on yet another historical home in our Newburyport Historic District.      But last night was an opportunity in … Continue reading

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Don’t get lax! The Heat is returning!

It is a known fact that greenheads can’t function fully unless it’s at least 84 degrees.        We’ve had a little break and it may seem the worst attack of these monsters is over.       But don’t be fooled.    With the next … Continue reading

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Buck up, Bone up and Show up!

Buck up! Things are getting hot and heavy out there and it’s not just the weather.       Candidates are knocking on doors, spreading the news that they are running.     Amongst them are individuals who are hostile to the future of our … Continue reading

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