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That “Vision Thing” can be pricy!

It has come to my attention that a renewed effort is being made, with the Mayor’s blessing; to get Hale Street renovated.       The dream is to see a wide road with ample berms with a cement sidewalk … Continue reading

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What a view!

I firmly believe that like Seward’s Folly (the purchase of Alaska) that Mayor Al Lavender’s ill-fated host agreement with DEP’s favorite trash mafia; will in the end be a boon for Newburyport. Everyone has heard about the landfill but very … Continue reading

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I thought it was rather odd reading in the paper of record, all the giddiness over the Mayor’s State of the City Address. I am not by nature a cynical person – this doesn’t mean I am not aware of … Continue reading

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The Hounds of Hell

We have been so lucky this year but again, it could all change in a week’s time.     There seems a great fear out there that last February’s disastrous event would happen this year.     Reminds me of the terrified residents in … Continue reading

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Why all that wasted time and energy!?!

The way it has worked for decades in Newburyport, City Hall employees get to take time out from their jobs to attend seminars and workgroups.       They get a tasty lunch, paperwork on how things are done properly per the regulations in Massachusetts; … Continue reading

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Goals: Rubber Sheeting

 Historic District Signage National Register Education & Protection Sidewalk Installation & Maintenance Plan Tree Commission Support Utility Lines Undergrounding Rubber sheeting New Building Inspector & Building Department National Landmark Status Archeological Ordinance Public Restriction Tract Index Local Historic District Expansion … Continue reading

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The History behind the 40R Development

From 2003 to 2004, a Strategic Land Use Committee (SLUC) was assembled by then-Mayor Al Lavender – in this forward-thinking assembly were representatives from the industrial park businesses, the Planning Board, the Chamber of Commerce; and at the table were representatives from … Continue reading

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