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If you are proud of Newburyport, don’t be a dark sider!

It is time that we stand up together and be a community that promotes and protects our city.       Having dark siders around has been a part of our history for the last fifty years but it’s time to let them … Continue reading

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I just received the notification on the NRA meeting for September 12th. I was horrified. This confirms my decision to largely stay out of the Waterfront debate.    My conclusion has been that, when all is said and done, the whole … Continue reading

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Roughen’ up the Mayor

James Roy was pretty tough on the Mayor in his recent editorial.      And many who favor the LHD would like her to use her bully pulpit to champion the idea.       And she hasn’t done that.       The most she’s done in … Continue reading

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September 7th – Signs Up Day

Historic preservationists and those who understand the economic setup of our city knew, when the Mayor asked for ALL signs to come down – this was to assist our invaluable heritage tourism and to present our City in its best … Continue reading

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Understanding the Fundamentals

One of the  things a land and building owner must come to grips with is the appraised value of property.       Now I certainly don’t want to step on the toes of professional appraisers who have a wide range of data that must … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s Demise Strikes Home

I am quite proud that I live in a half-house in the South End.       The first response from most people is, “Yeah, so what?   Lot’s of people live in half-houses.”      That may be the first impression but if one understands … Continue reading

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The Architects of Newburyport: William Graves Perry

There is but one building in the city that has his architectural stamp on it – the American Yacht Club building and the interior has never been fully finished!       And yet, this architect had more to do about restoring our … Continue reading

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Every Citizen Counts

I noticed as I have been looking through the ever expanding petition signatures. (When will the City Councilors understand this is a large majority of the city?)     We have had an increasing number of renters who have added their names. … Continue reading

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I am very upset that the Labor Day Festival has been cancelled this year. It is a wonderful event because it allows non-profits to display their causes and information before the public.     Normally, if they are to appear in any … Continue reading

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Well, it is about time!

Considering the historic preservationists were blind-sided by the blood red anti-historic preservation signs. (would love to take a razor-blade to the picture of the historic building on these signs – I’d leave the rest for free-speech purposes.      Tough being a … Continue reading

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