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Consultants need to promote!

I am beginning to find out that consultants have an inherent inability to promote for future work. Perhaps they get contracts by out bidding their competition and playing inside man. Either way, they don’t seem to understand how to sell … Continue reading

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Myth: Owning an historic house is a ‘Go it alone’ Proposition.

Okay, I admit that this myth is not a myth, it’s ‘sort of’’ a sad fact.     But it doesn’t have to be that way.   That is why the Newburyport Preservation Trust. Newburyport Historical Commission and Historic New England and in … Continue reading

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Newburyport Historic District – All Houses Listed

There is this continuing myth that only homes that are part of the historic survey as posted on the City of Newburyport website are considered historic.      This is blatantly wrong.   When the National Register was compiled in 1984, … Continue reading

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Weak Arguments

As I see from the letter printed in The Town Common, it seems that the petition against the downtown garage has morphed into a tax revolt.     The letter tries to take potshots at the Mayor by not mentioning in the … Continue reading

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The Whittier Bridge

I am afraid I have been remiss over the Whittier Bridge.      Other than a whole lot of inconvenience during the time the bridge is upgraded, I failed to understand the impact on Newburyport.        Turns out, according to Bill Harris, a … Continue reading

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Myth:“Historic preservation is bad for business.”

The basic myth is that historic preservationists want everything to be a museum.    Each business and house stuck without change and without life.      Nobody can build new buildings or have jobs because everything remains “static”    Therefore, not … Continue reading

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Traffic Issues!

It is hard to believe that one of the main arguments against pedestrian bike paths and walkways is that no one would use them.       The argument follows, "why on earth when tax money barely pays for our street paving would you invest in … Continue reading

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