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A Dedicated Lot!

There I was at the end of Crow Lane on this New Year’s Eve out for a hike in the Common Pasture and what a surprise I came upon.       The heavy equipment was fixing a big hole where the Hydrogen … Continue reading

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Unease on Easements

I heard some very disturbing news last night.      Recent court challenges on deed restrictions have not been upheld in court.         The best that can be assigned is a 30 year restriction.      To prevent this, if you wish your historic preservation restrictions … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Wars

Though the quiet streets of Newburyport may not reflect a war nevertheless there is nothing less than an on going conflict over the walking surfaces of our City.   Mr. Bromfield, a prominent merchant, had willed a trust fund to … Continue reading

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Mary Haslinger Speak Up!

On May 20th, Byron Matthews will be recognized by Essex Heritage and the National Park Service for being a "hero".     The happy event will occur at the Tupelo Music Hall in Salisbury, starting at 6:00 for cocktails and the dinner … Continue reading

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Downtown Group

Hurrah for the Downtown Group!        I wanted to throw that out before I make the following true statements.        This is a group that is composed of some powerful members of the Dark Side.        Picture wolves in sheep’s clothing but … Continue reading

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Two Christmas Characters

  Sometimes, there are movies that are just unrivaled.       There are two that can not be topped.     The Christmas Carol of 1951 with Alistair Sims and It’s a Wonderful Life with James Stewart.   Both possess some interesting characters that … Continue reading

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Two Mysteries to Solve

I have a special challenge including those interested in Newburyport’s history and that includes the serious amateur and professional historians as well.       I have been unable to confirm the following assertions that I have caught in some anecdotal accounts found … Continue reading

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