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A Dedicated Lot!

There I was at the end of Crow Lane on this New Year’s Eve out for a hike in the Common Pasture and what a surprise I came upon.       The heavy equipment was fixing a big hole where the Hydrogen … Continue reading

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Unease on Easements

I heard some very disturbing news last night.      Recent court challenges on deed restrictions have not been upheld in court.         The best that can be assigned is a 30 year restriction.      To prevent this, if you wish your historic preservation restrictions … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Wars

Though the quiet streets of Newburyport may not reflect a war nevertheless there is nothing less than an on going conflict over the walking surfaces of our City.   Mr. Bromfield, a prominent merchant, had willed a trust fund to … Continue reading

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Mary Haslinger Speak Up!

On May 20th, Byron Matthews will be recognized by Essex Heritage and the National Park Service for being a "hero".     The happy event will occur at the Tupelo Music Hall in Salisbury, starting at 6:00 for cocktails and the dinner … Continue reading

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Downtown Group

Hurrah for the Downtown Group!        I wanted to throw that out before I make the following true statements.        This is a group that is composed of some powerful members of the Dark Side.        Picture wolves in sheep’s clothing but … Continue reading

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Two Christmas Characters

  Sometimes, there are movies that are just unrivaled.       There are two that can not be topped.     The Christmas Carol of 1951 with Alistair Sims and It’s a Wonderful Life with James Stewart.   Both possess some interesting characters that … Continue reading

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Two Mysteries to Solve

I have a special challenge including those interested in Newburyport’s history and that includes the serious amateur and professional historians as well.       I have been unable to confirm the following assertions that I have caught in some anecdotal accounts found … Continue reading

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How True in Politics

Councilor McCavitt’s observations in the Daily News today were quite true.     Politicians who stand on principled positions and fight to correct often illegal or at the very least hurtful actions in government are often treated as being in the wrong.       This … Continue reading

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House Stories – 53 Warren Street – A Happy Example and Precedent for Adaptive Re-use

The Ocean Steam Mills were incorporated by the Massachusetts legislature in March 1845 by Benjamin Saunders, William Balch and Edward S. Lesley. The purpose was the manufacture of cotton cloth.   The company purchased a parcel of land on the corner … Continue reading

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An Unusually Rich Community

There is one thing that really sticks in my crawl and that is the assursion that Newburyport is "not unusual".           In otherwords, there is nothing very special about our City or our community.       If we were to take a car … Continue reading

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