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Fear and Intimidation on the campaign Trail

I didn’t think I had that much political power – but everyone seems to be sweating bullets to appear ‘above board’ and not being found to be playing dirty politics.       All I did was send out a simple blog that … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween – Let’s take a break from politiking!

Halloween is a very special time for Newburyport.       It’s not sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the City government is only lightly involved in some policing and no one organization is out there sponsoring! And yet, the city is spontaneous … Continue reading

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This is the chance to review the forums that have been presented to the citizens of Newburyport

We now have all the audio-video opportunities played out in Newburyport to help the citizens make an informed decision on election day.   Due to a snafu, many could not watch the debate at the Nock School because it was supposed to … Continue reading

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The Radio Forum with All Nine (9) Candidates !

For those not familiar with the Local Pulse radio show, here is the direct link and podcast with all the participants involved. -P. Preservationist

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The P. Preservationist – My Endorsements

Historic Preservation is the single, most important issue in our city.       It fuels our affluence, our schools and our quality of life.      When it comes to our economy,  the restaurants and shops downtown depend on it.     Our real estate industry lives … Continue reading

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CEB City Council Candidate Interviews

Before everyone sees it posted in the Newburyport Daily News, I thought I would give my readers a jump start on watching these candidate interviews.          It really is the very best way to get to know someone who is running … Continue reading

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C’est fini!

The CEB Interviews are done – and are presently being scheduled for cable and uploaded to the Internet. I can now take off the CEB hat and return to be the P. Preservationist.       It has been exhausting having to be … Continue reading

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