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A coincidence or just spooky?

I’m still scratching my head over the majority of the city councilors’ insisting on holding their meeting on Halloween Night, the second biggest event in the year.    That is until I saw their agenda. Just so happens their voting in … Continue reading

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Newburyport is a very haunted place.

When I first came to Newburyport as a visitor, I could ‘feel’ the historic atmosphere.     Every street and most every view smote my senses that we are truly one of the most beautiful and historic places in America.     Then I … Continue reading

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The Woman in White at the Clark Currier Inn

Daniel R. Nolan had just purchased the house at 45 Green Street in 1990 when he learned he had some extra ‘responsibilities’.      A previous ‘tenant’ was living in a section of the house.    This being a ‘Hale’ which is a … Continue reading

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Beware of the siren song

I personally have nothing against consultants.      Recently the Charter Commission was granted a consultant by the city council because of a problem: whatever was written up had to comply to Massachusetts General Law.        Whenever I visit the City Council Chambers … Continue reading

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The Myth of Native-born Mayors

I’ve been preparing biographies on the wonderful long line of Newburyport’s mayors.      The only thing stopping me from posting these is a lack of a picture for each office holder.      I figure the only way to get my hands on … Continue reading

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My Fears Justified

Apparently, when government gets involved in trying to do good, it has this wonderful knack of never doing it quite right. We’ve got a Mayor and a Councilor (Cronin) who have aggressively pushed for fixing our sidewalks. We’ve got most … Continue reading

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A Special Experience

Well the political scene is really heating up – in fact the local bloggers are really blogging.     This is remarkable in itself.       So before things get out-of-hand, I want to mention the second biggest event that occurs in Newburyport.          The … Continue reading

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