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PRCWA – Hard to Explain but Vital to the Area

If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things you cannot learn any other way. -Mark Twain This Sunday, the Parker River Clean Water Association ( is having its 2017 Annual Meeting.        The Turtle Rescue League will come and … Continue reading

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Tour Reminder – Little River Trail System

This Saturday, at 8:30, at the entrance to the Cooper North Pasture Nature Trail (in view of the iconic Kestrel birdhouse and short jaunt through this magnificent pasture pictured above and easily visible from Hale Street), a tour will begin. … Continue reading

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Check out the Little River Trail System – A Hidden Newburyport Treasure

There is an incredible resource in the City of Newburyport that is being under utilized; all because it is out of the public eye; and in many ways, hidden from view. Called the Little River Trail System – five beautiful trails, one … Continue reading

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Continued (what a surprise)

The next hearing is May 10th for 15 Howard Street. Plenty of time to show a parade of streetscapes all over the Newburyport Historic District that reflect our city. It actually shows that we are an extremely healthy community with … Continue reading

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Let’s do it right!

Back when the downtown was being restored, Inn Street was supposed to have a light structure lining the east side of the street that would not take away from the historic Federal-style architecture.     The problem was that a steel strike … Continue reading

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This year’s CPA Applications

The amount of applicants for the Community Preservation Act’s pool of money is quite a bit down this year. Here is the list which easily fits on a single piece of paper. I’ve noticed that Newburyport Preservation Trust, Oak Hill … Continue reading

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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I thought it was rather odd reading in the paper of record, all the giddiness over the Mayor’s State of the City Address. I am not by nature a cynical person – this doesn’t mean I am not aware of … Continue reading

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Exploration generates pure joy

While I have been busy doing other things and not really been doing much blogging lately; Mary Eaton over at Newburyport Blog has been doing a bang up job of holding up the flame of historic preservation. And I can … Continue reading

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The Hounds of Hell

We have been so lucky this year but again, it could all change in a week’s time.     There seems a great fear out there that last February’s disastrous event would happen this year.     Reminds me of the terrified residents in … Continue reading

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The Color Green & Parks

After reading in the paper today, I discovered the NRA is considering doing yet another ‘pop-up’ park.     I can just imagine the rest of the city when they read that little news: generating a huge moan across the collective community.         … Continue reading

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