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Newburyport is losing its culture

This last Friday, at the First Friday Friends Social, as Bill Plante was speaking about the D-Day Anniversary; he stopped for a moment and asked how many in the packed audience had been born in Newburyport.      Scant ten individuals raised … Continue reading

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Stop the Shabbiness!

In the tourist industry as in any commercial venture; you’ve got competition – and it can get pretty intense.       To compete, you’ve got to have a great allure, but you’ve also dedicate to marketing and promoting.       And then,when you’ve finally … Continue reading

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The Cure is worse than the Disease!

For years, our city has suffered from disgusting, uneven sidewalks and to make things worse, unpredictable surfaces: and because of it, though dangerous for our children and our citizens, most who live here have been forced to do the Newburyport … Continue reading

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Too much going on!

I took a look at this coming weekend and just started sweating! There is just much too happening!   First off, we’ve got the hot happenings at the Custom House honoring the courageous events 70 years ago that occurred on D-Day.   We’ve got 17th … Continue reading

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Newburyport’s National Historic Signficance (Part III)

The first inkling to me that Newburyport was more than just a pretty face was when Roger Gagnon (a local beloved teacher who recently passed away) told me to meet him on Prospect  near Titcomb Street.    He wanted to show me … Continue reading

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