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Beating a dead horse

This entire garage negotiation is extremely complicated.      Councilor Cronin has given all of us an excellent glimpse and superb update on the present situation with his blog insert.     If you really want to know (instead of anecdotal information from your friends … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Another Witch Hunt

Just this last year, members of the Commission on Diversity and Tolerance thoroughly embarrassed themselves when they began to exhibit the now familiar characteristics of a witch hunt.      Just like during the famous witch hysteria when the Governor of Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Little River Trail System & Sidewalks

Sorry for the long absence from my blog but so much positive actions are going on I’ve no time to blog. This last Monday, our city council passed the very historic (as in history-making) passing of the Sidewalk Ordinance! Sure … Continue reading

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The Results!

the line up is to be on the city council: Cameron Connell Vogel Earls Devlin On the ward One: Sharif  On Ward Four: Tontar  Congratulations to all who tried to make a difference and ran! -P. Preservationist

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Separating FACT from fiction

I’ve heard for a while the silly shenanigans that have been going on in the city – people putting their signs in front of others, putting their opponents signs parallel to the street so they can’t be seen by vehicles, snatching … Continue reading

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Candidate Expose’s

The P. Preservationist has been blogging since 2009.      In all that time, the many issues the city faces have been either pushed off to the future or handled courageously.      When you have a strong city council that works as a … Continue reading

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