Check out the Little River Trail System – A Hidden Newburyport Treasure

Little River LogoThere is an incredible resource in the City of Newburyport that is being under utilized; all because it is out of the public eye; and in many ways, hidden from view.

Called the Little River Trail System – five beautiful trails, one a pedestrian/bike trail, that encompasses a wild area composed of lovely pastures, deep forest, verdant wetlands and in which harbor vernal pools with their unique creatures.        Though surrounded on three sides by urban settings of industrial & retail businesses, and residential neighborhoods; it’s the home of a rich variety of bird life, and animals that you wouldn’t picture being so near a city: beaver, coyote, deer, fox and otter coupled with hawks, herons,  owls and wild turkey.

The City has already invested large sums to obtain the wetlands in this area so the area can do the job of soaking up excess precipitation and providing a rich resource of ground water.

Parker River Clean Water Association (PRCWA) that is dedicated to protecting the watershed that springs from the Little River and which as small as it seems is a great aquatic resource and if not respected can cause damaging floods downriver; wants to educate as many as possible in the region on how important this area stays open and not contaminated.

The plans as funding becomes available is to establish trail heads with adequate parking.    Informative kiosks, maps and signage will help educate the visitor.Little River Trail System Map Proposal

One trail head is at Storey Avenue across from the park & ride, a new one behind the new gas station/CVS and two on Hale Street.    But the most centrally located with plenty of parking is at the end of Crow Lane off of Low Street.

But the biggest selling point will be the area itself. A visitor will be aghast when seeing this area how amazing the habitat even as they hear the faint sounds of the city around them.

Come and visit one of Newburyport’s hidden treasures!

To help introduce this area, a tour will be conducted on July the 23rd at 8:30 in the morning at the Crow Lane Trail Head.     This is reachable from off of Low Street.    Jerry Mullins will take participants deep into this area to explore and explain the natural features, and flora and fauna of the area.       Please wear sturdy shoes, long pants, and bring along water.      Bug spray will be needed to curb the appetite of the local wildlife.

-P. Preservationist




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2 Responses to Check out the Little River Trail System – A Hidden Newburyport Treasure

  1. Alex Dardinski says:

    Thanks for this post. I love this trail system. With all the talk about trying to widen Hale street for a bike lane or a sidewalk I wonder how much a pedestrian bridge over rt 95 would cost in comparison. Reconnecting Crow Lane for bikes and pedestrians might be an idea.

  2. indyjerry77 says:

    Reblogged this on Brick and Tree and commented:

    I have had so many go out on their own and just be blown away by the Little River Trail Network – because the local papers of record won’t post the press releases; so many missed out on the July tour.


    There is limited parking so I would suggest parking vehicles at the Little River Nature Trail Head or at the Cable Company’s parking lot and walking to the Cooper North entrance.

    See you there!

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