An Excellent Opportunity!

We forget that the Greater Newburyport Area and in particular points west and east of the city really put the ‘England’ into New England.     Aside from the funny pronunciations of our cities and towns; the area is a tribute to the English countryside.      One of the cool things about the United Kingdom are the presence of vast walking trails that trace throughout Great Britain.     You’ll see hikers who aren’t just out for a day but are packed for a week’s adventure easily tracing the land without even getting close to busy traffic.

So true are the surprises present in the Newburys’ – historic sites, trails that weave between farms and wild areas – so true that they refresh the spirit to take them all in.

One opportunity is to see the lands just beyond Curzon Mill on the other side of the little bridge.     This quiet and beautiful area is maintained by The Society of St. John the Evangelist, an Episcopal monastic group – on top of that, this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00, there will be an open house at the Emery House, an historic building that is well worth seeing.      If you’re going to the literary festival, be sure to drive due west on Storey Avenue (Route 113) until you cross into West Newbury.     The first right is the access road to the building.      DON’T MISS IT!      Learn about this interesting and historic monastery by accessing their website.

Another opportunity is to enjoy the many trails that weave around Newbury and West Newbury.     I suggest a bicycle to take in the depth of the network.      In fact, one of the most striking is the Atherton Trail that opens up near the Poore Castle. (Yes, there is a castle out there in the country!)    It weaves through meadows and ponds and forests with nary a human about.      One awkward part requires cutting through a farmer’s pasture.     If you want to help Essex County Greenbelt secure that odd stretch, please encourage West Newbury’s CPC to approve the purchase of this little section.    Today’s editorial in the Daily News will fill you in on how important this parcel truly is.

Our area is all about sustaining and enjoying a high Quality of Life!

-P. Preservationist


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3 Responses to An Excellent Opportunity!

  1. Joe Carper says:

    Great piece! I was just thinking this morning how much like England this area is for walkers when I walked from Maudsley over the bridge to St. John’s and back…reminded me of the England coast to coast hike my wife and I completed this past September. With one difference. In England, the ordinance maps show all the paths and rights of way on one map. Here, however, I need to piece together the Maudsley State Park, Essex County Greenbelt, Mass Audubon, Trustees, etc., etc. materials to find the connections. And where would I find the trails in West Newbury mentioned in the Daily News editorial this morning? But we’re new to Newburyport, so maybe I’m missing something.

    Love your blog!

  2. Mary says:

    Great reminder about Emery House Jerry!! Here is the link to the gallery page!! It is gorgeous.

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