Traffic Issues!

It is hard to believe that one of the main arguments against pedestrian bike paths and walkways is that no one would use them.       The argument follows, "why on earth when tax money barely pays for our street paving would you invest in such under utilized pathways?"       
The Clipper City Rail Trail has dashed that argument to pieces!
The pathway hasn’t even opened and there is traffic congestion and overcrowding.       If you’re on a bicycle, it’s downright hazardous.      Little children on their tiny bikes without any concept of roadway eticette; doublewide baby carriages in danger of head-on collissions with other doublewide baby carriages; wide-bodied pedestrians…and the trail not even officially opened yet and summer season hasn’t even arrived!
Then they had to do it.     They created a path directly to Halley’s Ice Cream stand.      When before, you could stand just a few minutes to get your Richardson’s ice cream; now it’s a long line.      Try getting a picnic table now!  
Train commuters are now using the trail and the path is only going to get more crowded.   
The trail now extends under Route 1 – won’t be long before the police on their bikes will have to traverse the entire length to untangle the mess.
Mr. Vining, at least get a center yellow line installed before May 23rd.
-P. Preservationist
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