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Magic, Mystery & Romance – all wrapped up in one city

Lately, we’ve had a resurgence within popular culture of a real fear of facts.      I personally think it has been a reaction to another popular movement propagated by people like Steven Hawkings; and others like him that the Universe is … Continue reading

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Clipper Ships – Why the mysterious omission?

There is an odd mystery about the Custom House Maritime Museum, and I see it present in the Cushing House Museum also.        There was a brief, but glorious period called the Era of the Clipper Ship.       It’s start was born … Continue reading

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Tips on whale watching

I figure since more and more non-locals are sneaking views on my blog and website who are making plans to come to Newburyport; it might be a good thing to give some tips on things to do and enjoy in our area. … Continue reading

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Is this anyway to get tourists?

I was amazed as I walked by 77 Lime Street; there was this rather familiar gentlemen gazing up at the building.      I knew I’ve seen him before; and he had a foreign gentleman with him who was gazing agape with horror. … Continue reading

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Our Historic Plaques: Orphans No More!

Newburyport is a walking town – in this day of the Automobile as Lord & Master; it is a pure joy to experience a wide range of senses as you make your way on two feet (or on two wheels) … Continue reading

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CPA – Let’s use a Sifter!

Reviewing just a bit, we have $623,537.23 available for CPA projects in 2015.        In comparison, we have a total of $1,994,125 in requested funds from the City of Newburyport, from various boards, commissions & semi-autonomous organizations; and finally, a collection … Continue reading

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Too much going on!

I took a look at this coming weekend and just started sweating! There is just much too happening!   First off, we’ve got the hot happenings at the Custom House honoring the courageous events 70 years ago that occurred on D-Day.   We’ve got 17th … Continue reading

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