What a view!

I firmly believe that like Seward’s Folly (the purchase of Alaska) that Mayor Al Lavender’s ill-fated host agreement with DEP’s favorite trash mafia; will in the end be a boon for Newburyport.

Everyone has heard about the landfill but very few have climbed it.      Perhaps they are reluctant due to the fact it is private property and technically trespassing to hike it.

Eventually when after all the wrangling, and the landfill becomes officially ‘finished’; it is supposed to be transferred over to the city and Newburyport assumes the liability of this monster.

And monster it is.    According to Mountainzone.com, Turkey Hill, once the highest point inside the city’s borders, is 121 feet above sea level.     Mount Lavender is 9 feet higher at an impressive 130 feet and now the greatest in height.

And I wouldn’t know of course (wink, wink) but the views are absolutely spectacular looking down on the Heights, a high plateau where Storey Avenue is located.  To the southwest is the lovely view of the historic Common Pasture and to the North the busy lights of Anna Jacques.   The close proximity of the hospital  in one’s view explains how the odors managed to shut down the intensive care area a while back.

There is a lovely trail but rather steep that climbs from the Crow Lane Nature Trail Head to the summit.     If you take it, aside from taking in the stunning views, you will see that the top of the landfill is flat for a wide area.

If when, and that is a big WHEN; it comes into the hands of the city; this is a perfect place to put a solar farm.

And why not!?!    the water can’t be absorbed because of the impervious membrane that covers the mound.     All that uninterrupted sun exposure will turn a giant white elephant into a tremendous asset for the city and its taxpayers.

In the meantime, enjoy the view!

-P. Preservationist


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2 Responses to What a view!

  1. John Harwood says:

    You’re pushing all the right buttons, including my funny bone.

  2. indyjerry77 says:

    I just came from the funeral service at the Central Congregational Church for Al Lavender. The church was packed indicating what impact the former Mayor had on Newburyport. The fact that he was not native born here (A Downeasterner); is a tribute to all the contributions he did in the fields of business, social organizations and of course, in politics.

    I think the city MUST take the initiative to name the landfill officially*, Mount Lavender.

    As often as this term was used as a point of derision, it aught now to be used to memorialize his contribution to the city. History is filled with labels that ended up being championed and embraced such as when the pagans derided the followers of Jesus by calling them, ‘Christians’.

    We should not take such a large acreage and try to ignore it; as an embarassing symbol of the American trend toward consumer wastefulness. The trash is buried. Let it be forgotten.

    So too, the future for this mound, whether it be a nature trail, or a soccer playing field or a sun-soaked solar farm; will celebrate the service given by Al Lavender.

    * Do we have to wait until it is owned by the city?

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